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Our Other Services

Here at we offer a number of services.

Private Investigations

Investigations can take many forms and techniques. We are here to help guide you, providing you the best possible strategy to get you a positive result on budget.

Private Investigation Consultancy

Sometimes we are called upon to just give advice and help the client choose the best method to get the information they want.

Corporate Investigations

We can carry out corporate investigations to help discover industrial espionage, fraud and other criminal activities. Many clients ask us to perform background checks and due diligence tasks before business deals are done.

Background Checks

Background checks are used to establish if people are who they say they are. We can uncover lies and omissions that people have may have told you. Background checks can also be used on future spouses.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the staple of all business transactions. Knowing what's what and who's who before business deals take place is necessary for peace of mind and to remove risk from business.

Private Security Services

With over 25 years in the security and investigatory industry we have been called upon many times to both find potential threats and deter threats. We believe our security services are second to none.

Counter Surveillance

Our counter surveillance service is aimed at those looking to gain some privacy when concerned about being surveilled or bugged.

Employee Checks

We can off the concerned employer the ability to learn more about an employee, checking if CVs are entirely true or the real authority of reverences or referees.

Vehicle Tracking

We have ultra high-tech tracking equipment that can fitted to most vehicles easily, with no installation require.

Bug Sweeping

Some spy equipment can be very small and hard to find, we use specialist equipment to find and deal with any potential bugs.

High value couriers

Sometimes we are tasked to be couriers for high value or highly confidential objects and materials. Using our planning and surveillance skills we aim to get the job quickly and efficiently.

Residential Security

Our private detectives can carry out residential security, to protect clients in their own home from outside threats and potential vulnerabilities.

Celebrity Protection

Our private investigators have been tasked with carrying our protection for celebrities on many occasions, providing a well planned and confidential service.

VIP Drivers

Our VIP often require us to perform all their driving duties for them. Using our skilled experience staff for protection whilst travelling.

Close Protection

We have dedicated experienced team to look after all you close protection needs. We can offer individual close protection officers or teams of officers.

We offer a professional, impartial service built upon discretion and confidentiality. All work carried out is tailored to suit your needs and budget. Let us help you find the truth Phone: 0151 709 4716 to speak to a private investigator.

Matrimonial Investigations

Husband cheating, cheating wife or cheating lover? We can help dismiss or validate any infidelity concerns you may have about your relationship.

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Surveillance can be used in many different types of investigation from marital affairs to corporate investigations. We can provide photographs or video if needed.

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Finding People

We can help find lost family or friends, perform debtor tracing tasks and even do background checks. With over 25 years experience we are sure we can help.

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